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Medical Opinion

The objective of Medical Opinion is to bridge the gap between doctors and patients by providing them with a comfortable online atmosphere for a meaningful interaction. We aim to provide a platform for doctors to extend their services and reach a wider audience.

Our mission is to ensure that patients get all important medical services under one roof- be it fixing an appointment with a doctor, requesting a second medical opinion from specialists or super specialists, planning a medical trip (medical tourism), keeping a track of medical records or getting clinical tests conducted in a relaxed environment.

With the aid of Medical Opinion, you can:

Second Medical Opinion Online
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• Get treatment from the best doctors across 25 cities spread across 14 states & Union Territories: Book an appointment with a top doctor in India anytime, anywhere.
• Request second medical opinion online from renowned medical experts.
• Keep your medical records online for easy retrieval and accessibility.
• Enjoy a comfortable stay during your treatment and plan a recuperative holiday on medical tourism.
• Get door-to-door clinical and lab test services.
• Actively manage your health by keeping a track of your appointments, medical records, and medical trips.
• Save money on commute and phone calls.
• Minimize the risk of misdiagnosis and inappropriate medical treatments.
• Enjoy Easy accessibility to renowned medical specialists, ivf doctors in India.
• Save money on unnecessary drugs or treatments
• Reach out to India on medical tourism for a world class treatment.
• Medical Tourism in India with finest world class facilities.

Bariatric Surgery Second Opinion
Cardiology Second opinion
Cosmetologist Second Opinion
Diabetologist Second opinion
Endocrinology Second Opinion
Gynecologist Second Opinion
IVF Second Opinion
Liver Transplant Second Opinion
Nephrology Second Opinion
Neurologist Second Opinion
Oncology Second Opinion
Ophthalmology Second Opinion
Orthopaedics Second Opinion
Pediatrician Second Opinion
Plastic Surgery Second Opinion
Pulmonologist Second Opinion
Rheumatology Second Opinion
Spine Surgery Second Opinion
Thoracic Surgery Second Opinion
Urologist Second Opinion
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